Prefinished Floor Denver

Prefinished Floor in Denver by Brothers Flooring

prefinished floor denverBrothers Flooring offers Prefinished Flooring in Denver because it has several great advantages over regular unfinished flooring.

Both unfinished and prefinished floors are installed the same, but after the prefinished floor is assembled then it is all done.

It is only a matter of moving your furniture and belongings back into the area and then simply enjoy the warmth and beauty it brings to your room.

Unfinished flooring does require finishing such as sanding and then the application of a sealer. Depending on the size of area to cover this will add extra time and labor.

Prefinished flooring usually also have an very good finish warranty averaging around 10-25 years depending on the manufacturing of the product.

A prefinished floor is generally created the same as unfinished hardwood flooring with a couple of differences. Prefinished flooring is often slightly beveled on either two sides or all four sides and is applied with a finish on each plank.

A prefinished floor is also very easy to clean with a dust mop, broom, or vacuum (with rubber wheels which do not scratch the surface of the prefinished floor).

Brothers Flooring recommends the best hardwood floor cleaning kits, that will come with a mop and a superior cleaner.

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