Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding Service

Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding Service by Brothers Flooring

No Need to Leave Home During the Refinishing Process Our New Dust Containment System Virtually Eliminates Dust In Your Home.

Have you dreaded refinishing your hardwood floors for fear that the process is all about dust?

Brothers Flooring offers a premium Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding Finishing service!


What is the Atomic Dust Containment System?
Mounted on a trailer outside, a separate dust collector is powered by a 27-HP Water Cooled Kawaski Engine. A 2-inch hose connects the sander, edger and buffer to the vacuum system located in the trailer.

The innovative concept of the Atomic system, having a 27-HP engine driving a dust collection system outside of your home significantly increases airflow. The result is a dramatically more powerful system, providing evacuation of the airborne dust that is generated from the total sanding process.

Why Dust Containment?

As consumers have become aware of their dust-free sanding choice and don’t want to put up with the mess, and dust containment has become a very popular premium service offered by Brothers Flooring.


The Atomic Dust Containment Sysytem is the ultimate for dust-free sanding providing:

Increased Satisfaction

Eliminates the chance of dust throughout the home.

Higher Quality Results

Eliminating airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish

Increases Our Speed and Efficiency

Less time taping and cleaning increases our productivity

Healthier Working/Living Conditions

99% Dust Free

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