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Hardwood Floor Inlays AccessoriesConsidering Inlays to Hardwood Floors?

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a hardwood floor.

Why not combine the richness of hardwoods to give that favorite room or your entire home a true one-of-a-kind look, its own special personality?

In a trend inspired by the Renaissance Period, a growing number of floor designers are combining the artistry of old-world floor design with new laser-cutting techniques to produce intricate designs.

Hardwoods combined with other contrasting hardwoods offer an endless variety of choices for inlays and borders for any room in the house.

Inlay-carved accents for a special touch to your Hardwood Floor

Inlays have added beauty to wood floors for centuries. Borders, medallions or elaborate mosaics can transform an ordinary hardwood floor into a work of art. Accents can be added to conventional or distressed hard wood floors.

Our company’s artisans use machines and hand-tools to carve inlaid borders and medallions made of hardwoods including walnut, cherry, maple, hickory and pecan. The carvings are relief patterns, meaning the floor itself remains level.

Relief carving lends itself to a very organic feel.

The carved borders are most appropriate for foyers or other areas where chairs will not be moved back and forth over them.

Hardwood Floor Border Accessories

Leave Hardwood Floor Accessories to the professionals

Installing a mixed material floor can be tricky. The components have to be measured and cut so they fit precisely into the pattern.

It’s important to finish the wood and seal the edges before adding other materials. Accommodating a variation in the thickness of the materials is also crucial so that the floor remains level.

Because of these and other concerns, installing a mixed material floor typically is best left to professionals, especially for more complicated jobs. Many interior designers or architects work closely with floor installers to help homeowners get the look they want.

You can choose an installer on your own, but make sure he or she has experience working with mixed material floors.

Expect to pay more for a mixed material wood floor. A design encompassing a simple border around the edges of a room could run about 50 percent more than a regular hardwood floor.

A more elaborate design could cost more than three times as much but the results will be impressive for the lifetime of the floor.

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